CEO and C-Suite Leadership Services

Pre-Hire Executive Assessment

I have a finalist candidate I want to assess for skills and team fit before we extend an offer.

Newly-Appointed Leader Assimilation

I need a newly appointed executive to get off to a rapid and sure-footed start.

Competitive Benchmarking

How does our talent and bench compare with our competition?

Executive Coaching

I have an executive who’s just not cutting it….but I don’t want to lose this talented executive.

Developmental Coaching

We have three high performing leaders we need to “get ready” for their next move.

Senior Team Development

We’re just not “clicking”…we’re not behaving as a coordinated, driven, trusting team.

Performance Culture

I want a performance culture that gives us “lift” and differentiation in the marketplace. Not buttons, balloons and banners

Succession Planning

We need bona fide backups for our key positions…not just names on a piece of paper.