Director Selection

We need help with a future-focused template for recruiting new directors.

Board Refreshment

We need to upgrade the board with stronger expertise and better preparation. “Fred” needs to move on.

Board Governance Evaluation and Feedback

A third party can best help us asses our board capability and group dynamics, and shoot straight with my board about our board capability.

Newly-Appointed Director Assimilation

We cannot wait for time to pass. We need to accelerate the on-boarding of new directors.

M&A Support

For an acquisition target, we need a thorough assessment of their senior talent and team strength; let’s find the keepers who we want to work with.

Board/Management Relations

We need help negotiating the line between board governance and operating management.

CEO Succession

The Company deserves a real plan, a real time line and real development for our next CEO.

Emergency CEO Plan

Just in case, it is prudent to have an emergency CEO plan in place.

CEO Coaching

Our CEO needs an independent sounding board to provide some developmental help.

CEO Performance Management

We must do a better job of planning and evaluating the contribution of our CEO.

Board Candidate Preparation

Our CFO would benefit from board service outside our company. We want to help her prepare for this experience and assist in her search.

Board Educational Retreat

We need training to refresh our corporate governance knowledge and our governance practices.