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In the tempestuous world of modern business, leaders must adapt to changing conditions. If they can’t, they fail. To be successful, they must be able to confidently switch between reactive and dynamic approaches. The ability to be agile and nimble is as important as being leadership, therefore, need to be updated and refocused as a consequence of the changing business demands of the 21st century.

An increased emphasis must be placed on the external arena where influence, driving ideas and connecting networks, as well as tactics to protect the reputation timing for moving forward. These organisations are rarely surprised and invest in renewal and innovation. Leaders should understand their risk tolerance levels and avoid banking on ‘magic bullet’ strategies that put people and the enterprise in unreasonable jeopardy. If the direction and the timing are right, then the risk is acceptable.

Leaders must also be motivated managers. They should be able to accelerate cycle times and drive their organisations. This can be done by setting a high standard and through

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New York Stock Exchange

Date Published

March 4, 2014


Dr. Pat Dailey

CEO and C-Suite Services