BoardQuest professionals are credentialed practitioners with “best practices” expertise balanced with practical, real world problem solving instincts.  We are experienced C-level executives, attorneys, business psychologists well as board directors.

BoardQuest offers attorneys with knowledge of SEC regulations, M&A expertise along with a sense for the direction of regulatory focus. We help boards see over the horizon.

We believe that companies with superior talent in the board room and the C-Suite are more likely to win in the markets especially when the team dynamics and organizational culture supports collaboration and high performance. BoardQuest has Ph.D. level business psychologists and senior Human Resources leaders with deep expertise in talent assessment and team development. We know what superb talent looks like and what to do with it. We are talent builders in the boardroom, C-Suite, and within the client company’s leadership bench.

Providing clients with seasoned professionals who have walked in the shoes of our clients helps build durable solutions.

BoardQuest seeks to foster a trusted advisor relationship with each of our clients.